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BE NICE WOLF DOGGY ! / until dawn horror game movie / horror gameplay / walkthrough part 7 - Welcome to DRG - daily New gameplay videos and trailers

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BE NICE WOLF DOGGY ! / until dawn horror game movie / horror gameplay / walkthrough part 7


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until dawn horror game movie / horror gameplay / walkthrough part # 7, In this part mike meets a new freind and finds more clues but something dramatic happens but i wont say no more i will let you gamers see for your self. until dawn game with more blood and jump scares so come join me in part 7.

Until Dawn Horror Game sets its self apart from other horror games with its catching story line and amazing real life gameplay graphics.
Until Dawn ps4 game starts off with a party with friends in a beautiful mountain lodge which soon turns in to tragedy as two twin sisters Hannah and Beth go missing.

A year later Josh the brother of the two twin sisters invites all the friends that was there the night his sisters tragically disappeared.
We meet the characters in the game and have some really bad jump scares were i do scream a little bit, OK a lot.

It is up to you which choices you make in until dawn Gameplay and every choice has a different out come and horrifying consequences which shapes the game on a different path just like the butterfly effect. every choice you make will have a dramatic and horrific out come for the characters that you will play in this horror movie game until dawn.


The graphics are amazing the characters look so real and have such a likeness to the actors in real life, The feel to the game is smooth and very enjoyable with mulitpel choices within the game giving you a choice in how the characters will end up dead or alive. The control's are very responsive and feels amazing to play the characters, The story line is captivating and immersive it feels like your really in a horror movie but you are in fact playing a horror game movie. Don't let Until Dawn Trailer fool you, It is an awesome horror game and very jumpy. The jump scares will, And do come thick and fast so come join me as i scream my self through this Horror game movie Until Dawn.


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Published 3 weeks ago

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