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Eyes Horror Game (Gameplay) #4 - Abandoned Haunted Hospital (Krasue Monster - Easy Mode)


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Eyes Horror Game is a game where you find yourself in an abandoned haunted mansion.
We must burglarize the abandoned haunted mansion by retrieving 30 bags of silver before returning to the exit door and retrieving eyes to see where it finds the monster we are also in its place.
We can recover potions to survive each one corresponds to:
2 potions red: Solution of the pendant bags 15 seconds
2 green potions: 3 eyes at the same time
1 red potions and 1 green potions: Sprint Unlimited During 1 minute
1 green potions and 1 red potion: invincibility During 1 minutes which allows the monster not to see you.
This monster is actually a costly flying head.

Easy Mode : 12 Bags
Normal Mode : 20 Bags
Hard Mode : - - -

Published 4 weeks ago

Category Video  /  General

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