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Mobile Legends: Hilda MVP, Full Gameplay from Advanced Server! - Welcome to DRG - daily New gameplay videos and trailers

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Mobile Legends: Hilda MVP, Full Gameplay from Advanced Server!


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Mobile Legends: Hilda, the Power of Megalith -Live Gameplay-
KDA: 9-1-6
Build: Warrior Boots - Dominance Ice - Cursed Helmet - Demon's Advent - Immortality - Heart of Steel + Assault BattleSpell + Tank Emblem


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I recorded this match on the Advanced Server where Hilda is already out. I'm sorry if I couldn't play her at the best of her abilities but as you can see I get very high ping on the Advanced Server so it's not that easy to play ML with that delay.
For a first impression I can tell you that she is very tanky but other thank that she doesn't seem extremely strong like other heroes in the game, when you get the full 10 stacks for her ultimate the ultimate gets very good though. I want to try it again with better ping conditions and with more experience with her to judge her better so don't get turned off by my first impression :p

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Outro Song: Happiness by 7oleK [Glitch Hop]
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Published 5 months ago

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