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Perception Gameplay/Walkthrough | Indie Echolocation Blind Horror | Daredevil Game | Bioshock Devs - Welcome to DRG - daily New gameplay videos and trailers

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Perception Gameplay/Walkthrough | Indie Echolocation Blind Horror | Daredevil Game | Bioshock Devs


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Perception Gameplay/Walkthrough - Indie Echolocation Horror Game by Ex Bioshock Devs (Unofficial Daredevil Game)

Awrite everyone!
This is a wee indie horror game that has been on my Echolocation Radar for while now - I thought we better do a Perception gameplay walkthrough video! I can't remember how I came across it, but it instantly reminded me of my favourite blind Marvel Character Daredevil and and answers the question - how does Daredevil see? The answer is in this indie Echolocation blind horror game!

We dabbled with horror gameplay previously when we first started the channel on Resident Evil 7 - but now we're doing a Perception Lets Play. This time we tried to use facecam but it didn't work as well as we would have liked and it seems my computer struggled a bit to run both the game and OBS :(

The game was developed by veterans of the industry, including ex Bioshock, Rock Band and Dead Space staff. With a lineup like that, how can this game possibly disappoint?
Perceptions premise is that you play a blind girl 'Cassie' and lead her through this dark world using echolocation. You can tap her cane and it will show your surroundings in an almost 'x-ray' like vision - showing the outlines of objects. In tandem with this, every step you take will emit a small pulse enabling you to see a few feet in front of you, with various noises throughout the game acting like a 'streetlamp'.
Naturally, this sets a good precedent for a number of horror opportunities, constantly plunged in darkness, the only way to see is with sound - alerting any predators of your presence.

We haven't gotten far into the game, but there are areas where you are supposed to hide so we expect some adrenaline infused chases - a staple of any horror game these days.

Forgive the camera issues - we tried using my phone camera linked via USB which was working fine until we started recording and didnt find out until 6 minutes in.

Steam Link - Currently 13% Off! :

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What do you think of the new outro music?
It's gonna have some 8bit synths through it in future but i thought id throw it up as a wee teaser at the end of this video.

Done by ma good pal @ Fat Pigeon Productions

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Published 5 months ago

Category Video  /  Horror

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