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Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Rank to Diamond Blood Orchid TTS - Welcome to DRG - daily New gameplay videos and trailers

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Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Rank to Diamond Blood Orchid TTS


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1. Be nice and respectful PG-13 Chat (No Cursing, Racism, Politics, Sexual jokes and etc.)
2. Mods usually remove inappropriate message, timeout, and silent ban (you won't know that you are banned).
3. Do not ask for a shout out & advertise
4. Please do not mention about ad block & please disable it. It hurts all YouTubers.
5. No Spoilers, Backseat gaming is okay if I need help.
6. Links are okay if they are related to the stream and is appropriate.
7. Please speak in English since this stream is in English
8. Don't tell a streamer to play a different game than the other one that I am already playing.
9. New viewers should read this
10. I only play with YouTube Sponsors since I am flooded with requests.

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