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Skyblivion FAQ

1) What is Skyblivion?

Skyblivion is a mod for Skyrim which will add the content of Oblivion into the game

2) What is Included?

Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine and all other smaller DLCs.

3) When is it released?

We don't have an official release date but we say "Late 2017/18".

4) Will it be on both Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition?


5) Will it be on consoles?

No. We can't make it fit on consoles due to the overall size. Also theres no SKSE on consoles, and it would most likely be illegal

6) Will the mod include underwater combat?

It is currently being worked on.

7) Will combat and lockpicking be the same?

Lockpicking could possibly changed but it's not a priority at the moment. Combat will be the same except the addition of underwater combat.

8) Will you add the oblivion creatures?

Yes, they are currently placeholders in the stream.

9) Will the levelling system be the same?

Not a priority currently, but we'll probably look into it.

10) Will you add Oblivion's spellmaking system?

It was being worked on a year ago or so, but haven't seen any updates in a while.

11) Will you add Oblivion's create-a-class system?

I don't think it's been worked on.

12) Will you add the missing skills, eg: hand to hand, athletics?

If it's possible.

13) Will Skyblivion have it's own launcher or will you have to launch it through Skyrim?

You simply launch skyrim.

14) Will Skyblivion have an Oblivion UI or Skyrim UI?

We are currently working on an Oblivion styled-UI but it's not a priority

15) Will Skyblivion support other languages?


16) Will you be able to travel between Skyrim, Cyrodiil and Morrowind?

Yes. You will be able to travel between Skyrim, Cyrodiil and Morrowind if you have Skywind installed.

17) Is Tamriel an entire worldspace? (non loading between provinces.)

No. They are seperate worldspaces.(edited)

18) Will Skyblivion use Oblivion's textures or going to have new textures?

It's a mixture really. Some places have 4k textures and some do not. You can always replace the textures with Oblivion texture replacers when Skyblivion is released.

19) Will Skyblivion use the original voice actors?


20) Will Skyblivion include all orginal quests?


21) Can you make a mod for Skyblivion?

Yes. You simply use the CK although you might need to use some other tools to convert Oblivion mods to Skyrim.

22) Will you remake any assets?

Some weapons are currently being recreated, More will possibly remade later. Some textures are also get redone.

23) Where can I volunteer to help? or PM some devs. Please note that it's advised to show off some work.

24) Which one will be done first; Skywind or Skyblivion?

Honestly have no idea.

25) How much of Skyblivion have you done?

In my opinion, I think we have much to do and some polishing is needed. I can't just put a percentage as thats inaccurate.

26) How long has this been worked on?

3 or 4 years but development has really came through in the last two years.

27) Who's the leader of the development?

I would say Zilav.

28) How can I support you with donations?

We don't accept them. But you can donate to

29) Will there be any additional content?

Yes. But they will only be small easter eggs and not new quests or landscape expansions.

30) Will there be an alpha/beta?

We will only let you have it until we feel like theres enough content for you to enjoy and it's relatively polished.

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