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The Letter -Horror Visual Novel- Gameplay Walkthrough Part 17 -Some Good News!-(Mac) - Welcome to DRG - daily New gameplay videos and trailers

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The Letter -Horror Visual Novel- Gameplay Walkthrough Part 17 -Some Good News!-(Mac)


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Welcome to The Letter Gameplay Walkthrough! This is Part 17 of the Full Gameplay Walkthrough of The Letter a Horror Visual Novel game that is from Steam and Kickstarter, I'm playing on the Apple Mac.
Finally Hannah catch a break and get something that she truly wanted and deserves.

At the heart of Anslem village stands a 17th century English mansion that is rumored to be cursed by a vengeful spirit. Various disappearances had been linked to the mansion, while people living near the vicinity spoke of seeing and hearing unearthly things. Dismissed as a hoax, the mansion was listed for sale by Briar Realty Corporation.

Before its grand opening to the public, Isabella Santos, an agent under BRC, was double-checking the place when she accidentally uncovered a letter that said “HELP ME” over and over again. At the bottom of the letter was the phrase “Send this to 5 people or else...”
(Description from Wikia Fandom)

Published 3 weeks ago

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