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Titanfall 2 Gameplay: 8 New Things in Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Gameplay


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Point your face at new Titanfall 2 multiplayer gameplay and discover what's new in Titanfall 2 multiplayer, such as new Titans Scorch, Ion and Ronin, the pilots' powerful new grapple ability, a miniature black hole grenade (the gravity star) and such. Then subscribe to Outside Xbox for yet more Titanfall 2:

Some familiar mechanics have also changed for Titanfall 2, such as rodeoing Titans. No longer can you just jump on a Titan and empty your assault rifle into its robot brains until it blows up. Rodeoing is now a multi-stage process.

The first time you rodeo a Titan, you’ll steal a power core, draining a block of the Titan’s health.

Each subsequent time you rodeo it, you drop a frag grenade into the hole the power core left behind, with each grenade removing an additional health block until you wear the beleaguered Titan down into an explosive Doom State.

I bet they wish they had put a padlock on that power core/grenade hole, hey.


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Published 3 weeks ago

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